JULY 2022
ChemPartners office boast not only its location in the center of Moscow, but also environmentally friendly solutions. While modernizing the office the main task was to create an environment which would be convenient for employees to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Now paper, plastic and bottle caps could be handed over in the office for recycling. Recyclables are taken out and handed over for recycling by the Recycling store «Sborka». For the convenience of employees instructions for sorting recyclables are posted above the containers. We also run campaigns for collecting unusual types of recyclable materials. For example, we ran an E-waste collection campaign in June. For one month we collected 50 kilograms of electronic waste that will be sent for recycling!

Moreover, most of the disposable utensils in the snack bar and for water dispensers have been replaced with reusable alternatives. Employees can use cups, plates, and cutlery placed in the shared kitchen.

Only FSC-certified office paper is used in day-to-day operations. This certificate shows that the wood used to make the paper comes from forests managed according to strict environmental, social and economic standards.
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